Augenarztpraxis Dr. D. Birkle

Seit 1994 in Stuttgart-Giebel

The practice

We speak German - English - Slovak - Serbian

Your doctor

Dr. med. D. Birkle

Dr. med. D. Birkle

Eye specialist

Studies University of Regensburg / Technical Universitiy of Munich / University of T√ľbingen

Doctorate University eye hospital of T√ľbingen

Advanced training City hospital of Karlsruhe / Hospital of Offenburg

Practice Since 1994 in Stuttgart-Giebel

Member of the German professional association of eye doctors (Berufsverband der Augenärzte Deutschlands e.V.)

Our services

  • Treatment of all forms of glaucoma, by medical therapy and by laser-surgery
  • Macula clinic
  • Retina clinic
  • Laser surgery of the retina (diabetic retinopathy, tears, vascular diseases)
  • All kinds of medical certificates of the eye
  • Treatment of children with orthoptist's practice
  • Guidance and fitting of cosmetic and therapeutic contact lenses
  • Fitting of glasses for everyday use and work usecases


  • For early detection of glaucoma
  • For early detection of retina diseases like macular degeneration of old age or dangerous alterations of the retina in nearsighted patients
  • For early detection of ametropia in children

We offer modern diagnostic tools like

  • Non-contact tonometry (contactless measurement of intra-ocular pressure)
  • Pachymetry (contactless measurement of corneal thickness for a more precise calculation of the intra-ocular pressure)
  • Corneal topography (three-dimensional mapping of the corneal surface to e.g. detect rare corneal diseases and prepare the most difficult to fit contact lenses)
  • HD-OCT for cross-sectional mapping of the retina and optic nerve¬†
  • Ultrawide imagining of the retina (camera based visualisation of the whole retina - in most cases possible without medical dilation of the pupil. Your benefit: Less waiting time and no restrictions of participation in road traffic due to the exam)¬†
  • Mapping of the iridiocorneal angle to diagnose narrow-angle glaucoma

Surgical therapies:

  • Laser surgery of the aftercataract following cataract surgery as well as narrow- and wide-angle glaucoma
  • Laser surgery of the retina, e.g. due to diabetes-induced retinal bleeding, after vascular obliteration of the retina and due to retinal tears
  • Small eyelid surgery
  • Preparation of a second opinion ahead of surgical procedures

For your safety we work as contact-free as possible

Certain exams and therapies however require touching the eye. In these cases we predominantly utilise single-use tools like

  • Single use contact glasses
  • Single use applanation tonometer equipment
  • Single use cannulas for the nasolacrimal duct
  • Single use corneal mills